Integral Products offers the option of Pre-Mixing and Freezing Products. For exact mixing and air-free material. PMF products are ideal for high volume, ready to use production. The Benefits of PMF sealants include: reduced waste, improved quality of product, increased efficiency in the shop and overall cost savings.

By receiving material PMF, your material will be ready to use and have consistent performance with each cartridge. Being able to use the complete amount of material will reduce product waste substantially. With each cartridge being tested for mix and cure prior to shipment, and for air entrapment and proper mix, quality of product will be at a maximum. Repetitive quality will increase shop efficiency by eliminating rework from improper mixed materials and with the benefit of no down time in the mixing of product. This all leads to a more efficient working environment, which will increase the bottom line.

The PMF process starts with thoroughly mixing, multi-component materials. They are then de-aired to remove all entrapped air. The material is then packaged in your specified container and quick frozen at -65 degrees to freeze them solid. The containers are then stored at or below -40 degree in a freezer and shipped in dry ice to your facility. The materials are then simply thawed and ready to use.

Another factor to take into consideration is the Environmental Health and Safety concerns. Workers will have less exposure to hazardous chemicals and waste will be greatly reduced.
Integral Products offers a quick turn around on all frozen orders. Give us a call to learn more about all Pre Mixed and Frozen options.