Integral Products is one of the leading PPG Aerospace distributors of industry-standard coatings designed for the Military and Commercial Aerospace segments. We work with leading manufacturers to deliver superior-performance products that ensure quality and consistency in your applications. With PPG Aerospace products, we can help drive success to your projects.

Premier Coatings from PPG Aerospace

As PPG Aerospace authorized distributors, we distribute DEFT Aerospace coatingsto small and large businesses. From primers for diverse airframe substrates to topcoats, these products can deliver advanced application characteristics, UV resistance, and color stability.

You can choose from our comprehensive range of PPG Aerospace coatings depending on your specific requirements. Some of these come from the Deft Aerospace coatings product line, which is designed for this demanding industry’s applications, such as military and emergency aircraft and helicopters:

  • Epoxy Topcoats
  • Structural Chemical Primers
  • Chrome-Free Epoxy Polyamide Chemical Primers
  • Epoxy Chemical Primers
  • Quick Dry Epoxy Chemical Primers
  • Flat Polyurethane Military Topcoats
  • Water Reducible Epoxy Chemical Primers
  • Type I Class A Grade E Water Reducible Epoxy Chemical Primers
  • Water Reducible Low-Density Epoxy Chemical Primers
  • Water Reducible High-Performance Epoxy Chemical Primers
  • Chrome-Free Water Reducible Epoxy Chemical Primers
  • Composition D Water Reducible Epoxy Chemical Primers

These coating and primer systems will ensure any substrate can withstand harsh and stressful environments in the Military Aerospace industries. Furthermore, these products will offer specific performance characteristics that provide efficiency and optimization in your operations.

Main Applications of PPG Aerospace Coatings

Integral Products is composed of experts with familiarity in the Aerospace and Military industries, allowing us to give trustworthy advice regarding the best topcoat and primer solutions for your any aircraft application.

Typical applications of our PPG Aerospace products include:

  • Airframe substrates made of various materials
  • Aircraft exterior structures
  • Different aircraft components and parts

The goal is to deliver resiliency and durability even when constantly exposed to extreme conditions, which is common in the Military Aerospace setting. With that said, the special formulations of PPG Aerospace products will deliver superior results, such as increasing the aircraft’s lifespan and improving its overall performance.

Benefits of Applying Top Coats and Primers on Military Aircraft

Applying the suitable Deft®/PPG Aerospace coatings and primers will offer extra protection, ultimately improving your bottom line. Regardless of the coating type you use, the top of the line coatings will provide the following benefits:

  • Robust barrier to prevent corrosion
  • Functionality, even in harsh settings
  • Increase longevity and service lifespan
  • Chemical and abrasion-resistant

Through our extensive list of products, you can find the right option to meet your specifications. We understand the importance of accuracy and precision, so we work with trusted suppliers that are consistent in providing reliable performance to ensure quality outcomes every time.

Choose Innovative Coatings from PPG Aerospace

At Integral Products, we know the common issues in the Military and Commercial Aerospace industry. Due to our background knowledge, we can help you make an informed decision before making an investment.

Contact us today if you want to know more about our products. You may also request information, and our team will develop a solution tailored to your needs!