Knowing which paint primer to use is essential in completing any successful coating, painting, and finishing the job. It’s the first step that lays the foundation for a high-quality outcome. 

Whether you’re an experienced professional or novice DIY enthusiast, chances are you’ve heard of BR 6747-1 modified epoxy primer offered by Integral Products– one of our top-rated primers on the market. It’s trusted by contractors worldwide for its ability to cling firmly and bond to almost anything it comes into contact with.

Applications of BR 6747-1 

Integral Products is Now Stocking BR-6747-1 & BR-127 Primers

BR 6747 1 primer has a wide range of applications in industrial settings.

  • BR 6747-1 finds excellent application as a bond primer for aluminum components.
  • It serves as a corrosion inhibiting paint primer for aluminum substrates.
  • BR 6747-1 is an efficient adhesion promoter for other metals such as stainless steel, titanium, and nickel.
  • Engineered to deliver unparalleled environmental resistance and unrivaled durability within the bond line.
  • It can be utilized as a top-notch protective coating beyond bonded areas.

With BR 6747-1 primer, you can expect a superior protective coating that guards against corrosion, chemical degradation, and the elements. The primer is specially formulated to ensure extended life in extreme temperatures, ranging from -67°F to 350°F. This makes it an invaluable product for all kinds of industrial contexts.

Benefits of using BR 6747-1 primer

For industries looking for a dependable primer that will stand up to the most challenging conditions, BR 6747-1 Primer from Integral Products is an ideal choice. 

This product offers major benefits to industrial users: 

  • Versatility: BR 6747-1 can be used in various industries for corrosion protection and surface preparation, from automotive to aerospace. It’s an all-in-one protective coating that works on different metals and substrates. 
  • Ease Of Application: This primer is low VOC, so it’s easy to apply with a brush or roller without any special equipment. Plus, it dries quickly, so you don’t have to wait for long drying times like with other primers. 
  • Durability: BR 6747-1 primer has excellent adhesion properties, making it resistant to chipping, peeling, and cracking over time – ensuring your parts are protected and look great for years.
  • Corrosion Resistance: BR 6747-1 primer is designed to protect metal surfaces from rust and corrosion, so it’s perfect for industries where long-term protection is needed. 
  • Cost-effective: This primer is cost-effective in the long run because it can be used on multiple substrates and helps reduce labor costs. Plus, you don’t have to buy expensive equipment or wait for drying times – saving you time and money! 

BR 6747 1 Primer at Integral Products, Inc

Integral Products is Now Stocking BR-6747-1 & BR-127 Primers

BR-6747 1 primer is completely free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and water-based, making it more environmentally friendly than other bonding primers! Plus, you’ll get unbeatable corrosion resistance and mechanical properties without the harmful or stinky fumes you expect from solvent-based primers.

Not to mention its fantastic temperature range – this primer can hold temperatures from -67°F to 350°F! If you’re looking for a primer system that meets state and federal standards while remaining eco-friendly, BR 6747 1 is a perfect choice. Let Integral Products, Inc. complete your project quicker and without all the mess!

The leading provider of BR 6747-1 primer

Integral Products, Inc. is a leading provider of BR 6747-1 primer, and we are prepared to provide our clients with top-notch customer service and a quality product. We understand the need for precision and accuracy to ensure safety standards are met, and we work hard to ensure all of our products meet or exceed industry regulations. 

Our flexibility in terms of customization provides unique options for custom orders that other companies simply do not offer. Contact us today and find out how we can help you best use BR 6747-1 primers with Integral Products Inc.