At Integral Products, Inc, we specialize in providing our customers with an extensive selection of products. Whether you’re working on a massive commercial aircraft project or simply trying to make a minor repair,
our comprehensive collection of supplies and adhesives allows us to provide solutions for all needs. 

Our expansive inventory includes products such as sealants, high-temperature adhesives, paints, and custom packaging, providing customized solutions to customers who need products that meet MIL/AMS specifications and OEM requirements. 

Most importantly, our experts are experienced in knowing exactly what type of product is best suited for different applications. With years of experience and expertise, we’ve established a reputation as the go-to specialty supplier for unique products to the aircraft industry.

3M™ Aerospace Products

At Integral Products, Inc., we provide the best line of 3M™ aerospace sealants, tapes, adhesives, films, primers, void fillers, and composites to help get your projects done right. Our products have been used in everything from aerospace to automotive, marine to military, and have been proven time and again as reliable performance enhancers that last. 

With decades of experience and a wide array of high-quality products, you can trust us to help with all your needs. 

Here are the products we offer:

  • Sealants: 3M™ Aerospace Sealants are a family of quick-curing polysulfide fuel tank sealants formulated for easy tooling. Their quick cure and low density contribute to faster process times and lower weight. These two-component, manganese dioxide cure sealants have outstanding resistance to aviation fuel and petroleum products common to the aerospace industry.
  • Tapes: Our range of tapes includes high-performance adhesive products formulated with industrial-grade materials, making them ideal for demanding applications where other adhesives fail to provide strong bonds.
  • Structural Adhesives: Designed for engineering applications within a huge range of industries, structural adhesives provide reliable, long-lasting bonding and sealing where load-bearing and other structural conditions are required.  3M offers several structural adhesives that come with a wide range of characteristics, and their potential applications are numerous.
  • Adhesive film: 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Composite Surfacing Films provides excellent performance with easy-to-use shop handling properties. These structural adhesive films is available in a variety of weights and carriers to meet a range of needs without imposing excess material costs. With high fracture toughness and peel strength, and provides a reliable, long-term bond suitable for composites, metals in solid panel and honeycomb sandwich fabrication.
  • Primer: 3M Scotch-Weld™ structural adhesive primers complement the Scotch Weld™ Structural Adhesives portfolio and can be used to protect prepared substrates to be bonded. They facilitate “wet-out” of the primary adhesive agent to facilitate the bond between substrate and coating extrudate, then cured to enhance chemical resistance. Our adhesive primers help prepare the surfaces for the bonding agents and improve the conditions so that the adhesives are more effective and create stronger, longer lasting bonds.
  • Composites: To top it off, we provide composites in multiple sizes, which are ideal for strength qualities during reinforcement repairs as well as model production.

Cytec Solvay Group Sealants, Silicones, Epoxies

Integral Products, Inc is proud to introduce Cytec DAPCO™ products – the ultimate in sealants, silicones, and epoxies. Designed with superior performance, our products offer a broad array of benefits. From lightning-fast curing times to incredible ease of use and dependable application in any temperature or climate, our products help you achieve maximum results on every project. 

Our line of DAPCO sealants from Cytec Solvay Group is designed for high-speed production and fast turnaround time and is mainly used as a firewall sealant. Whether filling small gaps, manually applying adhesives, or troweling large surfaces, these firewall

 sealants are ready for the most comprehensive coverage possible. 

Moreover, our silicones and epoxies beat out ordinary industrial compounds in durability and longevity — giving you exceptional quality products for projects that must last the long haul. 

Extremely reliable joints are possible through our advanced formulations — ensuring tight seals without the excess mess or waste common in other formulations. They remain pliable even during extreme conditions, and their superior performance will keep your projects looking fresh for much longer than traditional materials. 

Hardman® DOUBLE/BUBBLE® High Performance Adhesives

Our Hardman® DOUBLE/BUBBLE® High-Performance Adhesives are perfect for all your bonding needs. This resilient adhesive creates a strong bond between materials that won’t break down under pressure. It holds together even in extreme temperatures and environments, so it’s also great for aerospace and automotive projects.

These are the adhesives and silicone we offer:

  • For those extra-tough jobs, we bring you our High-Performance Epoxies. This powerful bonding agent goes the extra mile when you need it most. Whether repairing stone surfaces or creating waterproof joints, these reliable epoxies will hold tight despite the heat, cold, or other wear and tear.
  • Soft surfaces call for something special, like High-Performance Urethane Adhesives. These reliable business partners deliver an unbeatable combination of strength and flexibility – just what you need to quickly hold challenging materials like cloth and foam in place. Rest assured – these adhesive formulas are designed to stand up over time without compromising your project’s integrity. 
  • If you’re looking for versatility, we’ve got something even better: High-Performance Silicone! This advanced formula resists shrinkage over time, stays flexible in its cured form, and offers incredible bonding power between various substrates like glass, metal, ceramic, and more! 

No matter what your project demands — insulation to lamination — Hardman DOUBLE/BUBBLE

 is your one-stop shop solution! 

Huntsman Products

Integral Products, Inc is the premier ASN supplier of premium Huntsman products that have been carefully developed to meet the highest quality and safety standards. Our range of Huntsman products comprises:

  • Epocast® Edge and Void Fillers
  • Epibond® Epoxy Adhesive
  • Uralane® Polyurethanes
  • Araldite® Edge and Void Fillers. 

EPOCAST® high-performance epoxy edge and void fillers are designed for reinforcing honeycomb composite panels in aircraft floors, galley walls, overhead bins, bulkheads and more. These products are available in self-extinguishing or flame-retardant versions to meet FAA regulations. EPOCAST® void fillers are produced in a range of densities to meet a variety of performance and handling requirements. Many of our edge sealing materials feature easy-to-apply viscosities, as well as sag-resistance properties for use on vertical surfaces.

Our high-performance EPIBOND® adhesives for aerospace and automotive applications provide superior joining and bonding solutions for plastics, metals, composite materials and other substrates. EPIBOND® adhesives offer productivity and manufacturing process improvements, as well as reductions in weight over other fastening methods. Additionally, manufacturers can select adhesives that are flame retardant, resistant to fatigue, chemicals and temperatures, and with mechanical properties that vary from rigid to flexible and offer long-term durability. Our products are specified in numerous OEM applications ranging from interior parts such as seats, lavatories, overhead bins, galleys and monuments to exterior parts such as nacelles, landing gear doors and control surfaces. 

URALANE® polyurethane adhesives provide superior joining and bonding solutions for acrylics, plastics, and metals primarily used in aerospace interior assemblies. URALANE® adhesives are available in flame-retardant versions that meet stringent flammability requirements in aerospace applications. Huntsman adhesives offer productivity and manufacturing process improvements, as well as reductions in weight over other fastening methods. Additionally, manufacturers can select adhesives resistant to fatigue, chemicals and temperatures, with mechanical properties that vary from rigid to flexible and offer long-term durability.

The ARALDITE® brand encompasses high-performance epoxy, acrylic, and polyurethane adhesives and high-performance specialty epoxy and benzoxazine resin systems. ARALDITE® adhesive covers a broad range of applications and offers both production and performance benefits to industrial, consumer and construction markets. 

LORD® Adhesive Products

As your trusted supplier, we offer a wide range of LORD® Acrylic, Epoxy, and Urethane products to meet the needs of your business. Our industry-leading materials are designed for maximum strength and durability in various environments, whether in extreme temperatures, water exposure, or chemical contact. 

Our experienced team is committed to providing top-quality products and services for every application. Plus, our custom formulation processes ensure tailor-made solutions for any process or project you may have. 

Techcon Fluid Dispensing Products

Integral Products, Inc is proud to be an authorized distributor of Techcon Fluid Dispensing Products. These industry-leading fluid dispensing systems are perfect for many applications, including but not limited to medical, automotive, telecommunications, aerospace, and industrial needs. 

PPG/Deft® Aerospace Coatings

At Integral Products, Inc., we believe in giving you the quality product performance you need without compromise. Our Deft aerospace coatings/PPG line for Aerospace, Military, and Commercial products makes meeting your production needs easier. We offer:

  • Primers
  • Chrome-free products
  • Waterborne products
  • Pretreatments
  • Topcoats 

These are specially designed to provide long-lasting airframes and structures with the most environmentally friendly primers and topcoats in the industry.

Socomore Coating

Integral Products, Inc.’s line of Socomore Coating Aeroglaze Aircraft and Aerospace Coatings. Withstanding temperature extremes, chemical attacks, and abrasion, our specialized range of products gives your aircraft and aerospace projects increased durability and protection against harsh environmental factors. 

Chemglaze coatings are designed to provide incredible protection for various materials, including composite, metal, and wood. Boasting long-lasting results, you can trust for years to come. We guarantee exceptional performance from every one of our products. 

Solvay Advanced Composite Materials

With 50 years of experience, a diverse range of products, and expert knowledge in materials and engineering, we offer innovative solutions that enhance technology capabilities while streamlining the manufacturing process. Our advanced composite and adhesive materials can withstand extreme conditions, from temperature changes to aircraft material expansion. Let us help you simplify your manufacturing needs with our expertise and cutting-edge solutions.

Premier supplier of high-quality sealings and coatings

Integral Products is the only reliable return on investment in adhesives and sealing products, from our comprehensive, high-performance products to our expert customer service and technical support. 

Our years of experience and commitment to excellence guarantee that whatever industry you’re in, our solutions will provide the durability your projects require. Put your trust in us at Integral Products for all your adhesive, sealant, paint, and coating needs – regardless of application or industry. Contact us today, and let us help you find the best solution for your project!