• Formulating

    Services: FORMULATING

    Whether it's blending, adding colorants, or any other special additives, Integral Products can help. Let us blend your "Recipe" to keep your manufacturing costs down. Custom formulation is one of our core specialties at Integral Products. Additionally, our chemists and engineers have extensive experience in developing unique formulas that meet the specific needs of our clients. We have become familiar with diverse manufactured materials, allowing us to create unique formulations to meet your varied processing and applications.

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  • Pre Mixed Frozen

    Services: PRE-MIXED FROZEN

    Integral Products offers the option of Pre-Mixing and Freezing Products for exact mixing and air-free material. Pre-mixed and Frozen products are ideal for high-volume, ready-to-use production. It provides numerous advantages, such as less waste, consistent product quality, increased efficiency, and overall cost savings. By receiving PMF products, each cartridge guarantees robust and accurate outcomes.

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  • Chemical Management


    Integral Products is a leader In the field of Chemical Management. Whether it's "Just In Time" supply or chemical warehousing, Integral Products can assist your company in lowering inventory, waste, and disposal costs. We can help you save money and resources by reducing your chemicals. Our team of experts will work with you to create a curated chemical management plan, helping you determine the most efficient ways to use chemicals in your business through audits, evaluations, and recommendations.

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  • Private labeling


    Integral Products is an industry leader in private labeling and branding your products. Through our Custom Packaging Department, we can assist you in supplying your product in a variety of unique kits and sizes to meet any of your customer needs. Private labeling is the fastest and easiest way to get your brand's name out there, and we can assist you in choosing the right kits to meet your and your customer's expectations. Rest assured, our private labeling services will help you stand out among competitors and make your brand more recognizable.

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  • Packaging-Solutions-Man-Scanning


    We have multiple container styles, sizes, and custom label branding options for single- and multi-component materials to accommodate the most unique applications. Our specialists are prepared to assist you in optimizing your brand image while taking care of all your packaging and labeling needs. As an authorized repackager working with OEM chemical manufacturers, we'll identify the suitable packaging or kit type tailored to your product and customer requirements.

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About Us

Integral Products supplies adhesives, sealants, paints, and coatings for all applications. We specialize in Aerospace, Aircraft, MIL/AMS-Spec, and OEM products. Integral Products is a stocking "Just in Time" distributor for large and small businesses with technical support on-site. Our fully-equipped facility can do in-house testing, OEM approvals, and custom packaging with pre-mixed frozen capabilities for PMF and various formulations. Our distribution network enables us to readily supply your chemical needs, ensuring quality and reliability at all times.

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