Integral Products, Inc. is a trusted and reliable supplier of Cytec/Solvay DAPCO products for the Aerospace industry. A firewall sealant is used to protect an aircraft from potential flame penetration, preventing interior fires from spreading in unfortunate events. Cytec/Solvay DAPCO firewall sealant products are tested and approved for aircraft use, providing superior protection against flames.

Superior Aircraft Firewall Sealant

At Integral Products, Inc., we understand that our customers demand quality assurance regarding the Aerospace products they use. Fortunately, we have partnered with pioneers in the Aerospace industry to provide us with high-performance sealants made to withstand demanding and rigorous environments.

DAPCO sealant products are some of the most reliable in the industry, featuring advanced insulation properties, durability, and fire-resistant protection. These aerospace and aviation sealants are developed to meet FAA specifications for airworthiness, guaranteeing safety and security for all aircraft applications.

Products We Offer

Our extensive Cytec/Solvay DAPCO product range ensures we have what you need for consistent and authentic results. Different types are available, and choosing the right one will deliver outcomes that are second to none.

Below is a complete list of what we carry:

With unique formulations made from the highest grade materials, rest assured your projects remain efficient and stable with our range of high-performance DAPCO sealants.

Common Applications of a DAPCO Firewall Sealant

These sealants are applied on the different parts of an aircraft to act as a barrier between a plane’s firewall and fuselage. It also ensures the aircraft interior is protected from any potential flame and heat, preventing further damage.

Here are some of the typical aerospace applications:

  • Used as a coating during the maintenance of aircraft
  • Seals during repairs if there are any damages
  • Applied as a filleting material during the construction of an aircraft

DAPCO sealants are also used inside the firewall to seal and stabilize firewall structures. Overall, the goal is to improve the safety of the aircraft while ensuring the structure isn’t compromised even during exposure to high temperatures.

Main Benefit of a Firewall Sealant for Aircraft Applications

Aircraft undergo different conditions affecting their overall performance, such as weather, vibration, and high temperatures. The firewall inside an airplane acts as a shield that separates the plane’s body and its engine. Its location is near hazardous gasses and temperatures, making the area on the other side vulnerable to these potential hazards.

A firewall sealant can create that barrier to prevent the hazardous materials from permeating the area you want to protect. It also prevents smoke intrusion, so the aircraft can be landed safely in cases of fire breakouts.

High-Quality Sealants for Aircraft Firewall Protection

Integral Products, Inc. is a reliable source of sealants, epoxies, and adhesives for numerous demanding sectors. For the Aerospace industry, firewall sealants guarantee safety by providing protection against flames and other hazardous elements.

If you have any questions about our DAPCO sealant products, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Request a quote, and we’ll provide a solution tailored to your project’s needs.